How to Book With Us

We’re so excited that you want to book with us!


With so many options available we created an online booking form to gather the important information and have you on your way to confirming your event or rental. Remember, the more information you can give us upfront, the easier it is for us to customize it just for you.

Please note that there may be a slight delay in response during weekends – we’re focusing on creating magic for our clients with active events at this time.  Forms filled out Friday to Sunday may not see a response until Monday or Tuesday!

Once you have completed the inquiry form and we’ve agreed on the details there will be a 25 – 50 % non-refundable booking fee due to hold your space. The amount of the booking fee is dependent on location deposits and character holds.  Your event is not booked and confirmed until deposit is received and accepted.

****Please note that your date and services are not booked in until that fee is collected!****

Did you make a deposit for a service that was interrupted by COVID? You have 24 months to apply that deposit towards any of our services that we offer. There’s no sense in letting COVID ruin everything… instead we’re looking at it as though the fun has simply been delayed!

Do you have questions? You can call or text Janina at 289 -929-4995 for some quick answers.

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