Mermaids & Children’s Parties

Set Ups

Want more than a character visit? Our party set ups begin at $199! We’ll fully plan and set up the party for you, then return and sweep it all away. That’s right, you get a beautiful event that runs in a highly organized and entertaining manner while you actually get to sit and enjoy the event… perhaps sip a hot coffee, take photos and chat with other parents while you’re children will occasionally run to you with a hug proclaiming “this is the best party ever”. Know what else you get? Peace of mind.


Invite a real mermaid into your own home!

We have classic mermaids available as well as princess themed mermaids to choose from! Mermaids prefer not to be fully submerged in pool water- it damages their magical hair and eyes however, they are happy to play and swim in the water with the kids. Package inclusions are below:

$140* 30 min Mermaid Drop In:

Our 30 minute visit is a drop in mermaid meet & greet! Our Mermaid and her certified lifeguard assistant will be carried to your pool side before the fun begins. This package includes:

– Magical greeting where the birthday girl will immediately become the focus, and introductions to the rest of the guests.
– Sing a long and interactive story time which all the kids can take part in, but stars the birthday girl!
– Photo time for all guests
– Pool play and games.
– Mermaid induction ceremony. Your child will be welcomed as an horary mermaid!


$175* 60 Min Mermaid Visit:

This package included everything in the 30 min package plus:

– Mermaid lessons
– extended swim time
– Mermaid face glitter (generally completed at the end of the visit)
– Group happy birthday song for the birthday star.
– With 6-10 tail rentals, girls will receive mermaid lessons and an additional 15 mins of mermaid time.

swimming mermaid

Tail Rentals $10 per child.

We have an assortment of real swimmable mermaid tails & tops for rent. Make it the ultimate mermaid party! We carry a range of sizes so all children can participate. Tail rentals are a daily rate so you may pick up tails early for the entire day and return them the following morning


Party Hosting

Party Hosting – all of the fun for the kids, sipping coffee and peace of mind for parents!

Have you planned and decorated your party already but you’re not sure what to do with the kids once they arrive? We can help! Let us entertain them for two hours and you take all the credit! Here’s some of the details on what’s included and an example of add on’s that parents often ask for.

$199 Includes:
– Set up of our craft, games and activities for up to 15 children
– ONE CHARACTER OF YOUR CHOICE and additional staff member – Grand Entrance & 60 mins of hosting in total
– craft
– games and activities
– time for food, cake and gift opening if requested
– Photo Ops
– Clean up afterwards – so you can enjoy the rest of your day

Complimentary with any package purchase:

Special gift from your character – such as a tiara and coronation for princesses, cape & mask for heroes…

Additional children can be added to this package for $10 each- we just need to confirm numbers 7 days before.

Delivery & Set Up
Delivery is included to St Catharines and there is a small delivery fee to further spots in the Niagara Region and Beyond. Set up time needed is between 10 and 15 mins depending on the party size. Our team is quick, courteous and excited to wow your guests! We do require table space for our hosting portion however tables and coverings can be added for $25

Included Guests
The basic package includes 15 guests with the guest of honour included. These guests are kids who:

– will participate in the craft
– will be included in the games & activities

That way you’re not paying for babies or adult guests who are not participating. We’ll confirm numbers a week in advance (a bit longer for custom loot bag requests) so that we’re respecting your budget and prepared for the kids!

Hosting, Games, Craft & Activities

Our hosts have worked with thousands of children of all types. Whether your little one requires a special environment or one of your guests has an allergy or need we’re happy to accommodate! We have staff with their masters in Child Behavioral Studies, working with autism, apraxia, social anxiety and more and we can schedule hosts who will be appropriately mindful of your concerns to make sure that EVERYONE has fun.

Our activities will be geared towards age and ability and inclusive of the theme that you’ve chosen. If there’s a particular activity that your child has experienced with us in the past and is hoping will be included at the event just let us know. Majority of our activities are musical and group based so working together will always be encouraged.

We will leave about 30-45 mins (depending on how we read the dynamics of the group!) for food, cake and opening gifts which is why we usually suggest booking our arrival in the middle of your party to maximize time with us. (With large groups gift opening can often take up quite a bit of time) It’s a special occasion so we treat them as such!

Complimentary Services
After we receive deposit on your party we’ll send you a confirmation and begin to build a custom set of age appropriate games and activities that work inside your theme- this will also include gift presentation. These items are included in our package – should you have special requests as always please let us know.

Invoicing & Payments & the not so exciting details:

Parties are not officially booked in until deposit is made and confirmed by email. We can only hold dates for up to 48 hours without deposit. We do this as we’ve had parents hold for long periods of time and then we are unable to replace the date with another event.

Deposits can be made by etransfer, cash or credit card. All credit card payments are subject to a 3.5% processing fee. The party balance will be due the night before the party and is payable by etransfer, cash or Credit card including fee.

Gratuity is not expected, however should you feel the hosting staff and characters do an exceptional job they are allowed to accept gratuity.

We are a fully registered business so if you require our HST number for your records just ask!! This number is automatically added to any corporate quote and receipt.

Our staff are required to have at least one set of parents remaining on the premises. We will host and facilitate however should we require assistance with behaviour or in an emergency situation we will require assistance from responsible parties. The staff are not considered child care and are not a replacement for adult supervision.

Outdoor events are a possibility – including mermaid themed pool parties, etc from the end of May to the beginning of October. Wind, rain, mud, extreme weather and other obstacles may require an indoor space for set up and hosting. Please keep that in mind when booking! THERE IS A RESCHEDULE FEE FOR PARTIES RESCHEDULED DUE TO THE ELEMENTS! Kindly inquire for more info on these details. Swimming parties where we are hosting (parents for each child are not present) we require a life guard for every 10 children at $50 per hour per guard.



There is a 50% booking fee due at the time of booking and our booking form and waiver will need to be filled out in full before confirmation is made. We can only hold a date for up to 48 hours without these items. We accept e-transfer and credit card – although a small fee applies to credit card transactions. We do not accept cash payments.

So go ahead and call or text me at 289-929-4995 or click below for booking information.

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