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Easter Options!

Easter Character Deliveries $60*

One of our three options for this Easter is our Character deliveries!

Join us on our social media stories on Friday February 26th to vote for which characters will be delivering our Easter surprises. Then book with us to make sure your little ones are delighted with their surprise drop off from the chosen two.

We have limited visit slots available and deliveries are made Easter Sunday (April 4th) between 11am and 3pm. Should we fill up we’ll take a waitlist for additional delivery times.

*price is plus HST

Easter Bunny Delivery

What’s more fitting than having the Easter bunny himself drop off their baskets??

Option 2 for Easter is to have our bunny drop off your choice of basket directly to your front porch. Basket size options are small $25, medium $40 & large $60 – the cost to add on the bunny delivery is $25. All baskets are custom geared towards your child so we’ll create their unique basket based on age and interests – so baskets for 4 year old princess fans are vastly different than the basket for a 12 year old who loves “among us” or fortnight. Baskets arrive wrapped in cello and custom tagged from the bunny.

We’ve included some sample photos based on the 120 baskets delivered last Easter!

Bunny deliveries begin at 7:30am and continue until 1pm with options to have baskets delivered the night before. *price is plus HST

Easter Baskets $25 and up*

Want to keep it simple? Option 3 is for you!

Our late/early deliveries will make sure that your basket is on your porch either late Saturday evening – Saturday April 3rd between 8:30pm and 10pm – or early Sunday morning – April 4th between 4am and 7am. No character, no bunny, just open your front door and it’s there waiting for your child to find, or for you to display in your home!

Small basket $25

Medium basket $40

Large basket $55

*price is plus HST


Please use our online booking form to book any of the services we’re offering. Full payment is due in order to book your delivery. Feel free to ask any questions through email to

So go ahead and call or text me at 289-929-4995 or click below for booking information.

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