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Where our family will bring magic to your special events! From character visits and party hosting, to glamping packages, date nights, and beautiful setups for showers, weddings, and more! Our family will make sure your family’s special event is created with love, super easy, heaps of fun and simply amazing.

******Please note we are closed for our wedding / honeymoon August 11 – 19th and won’t be responding to form inquires at that time!******

Pop Up Parties!

Pop up parties are a thing!! And know what the best part is? They are freeee!

We’ll be announcing when, where and who will be running the parties on our Instagram stories and then you and your little ones can simply meet us there for some dancing, singing, games and photo ops.

– no registration
– no cost

As usual our email list will hear about it first though so if you’re not on our list it’s the place to be!!

We’re so excited for the better weather and to meet your little royals and heroes!! 💕✨🤍

Please note:  These are free events done out of the kindness of the hearts of those involved.  Any delays or reschedules are posted on the social media stories by ourselves, and the organizers (five little wildlings, etc).  Please watch the social media stories for both accounts on changes.  The website will not be updated with last minute changes to free events hosted by others.  Thank you for understanding.

Visits for Schools, Business and Markets

Our characters are happy to come to your school, office, or Market event so please feel free to email info@partyperfectevents.ca to create a visit to suit your needs.

Character Visits

From beautiful Princesses, dashing Princes, to Heroes and more, our Character Visits are outstanding.

Glamping Packages

Is your little one not so little? That’s why we brought to life our Glamping package. These sleepover or sleep under packages are unique and exciting for all ages.

We’ll come in, set everything up, and come clean up the next day. You can even add in spa services, princess visits and more!, and more!

Enchanted Boutique

Are your kids craving some relaxing glam? Welcome to a luxe one of a kind experience! Magical makeovers, dress up, tea parties and more will make this fairytale experience a dream come true.

Kids Paint Parties

We’ve not forgotten that kids love to create!  As adults, paint parties are amazing – so we’ve created a version for kids!

Mermaid Events

They say; darling it’s better down where it’s wetter – and they are right!  We offer so many options for mermaid visits and are happy to visit pools, water parks, corporate events, and private swim spaces.  The magic of mermaids begins right on arrival as they are carried to your celebration, and remain to tell stories of under the sea, swim, teach and more!  With the added option of tail rentals for your young guests –    You can look forward  to your children proclaiming “this is the best party ever”.

Date Nights

Want something a little more grown up & intimate? Our bespoke date night package is made for 2 and absolutely stunning. This isn’t camping, this is celebrating in style!

Rentals & Set Ups

Just need the basics such as backdrops, tiny chiavari chairs or a Casita doorway with projection butterflies?? We can do that…

Why book with Party Perfect?

I’m a mom who’s been there. The “2am – I made a cake and it’s a disaster – I don’t want to clean for a party – what am I going to do with these kids” and the “How can I make my time with the girls extra special” – mom. Don’t worry I got you! — Janina, & the whole Party Perfect Team

So go ahead and call or text me at 289-929-4995 or click below for booking information.

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