About Party Perfect

Party Perfect Events is an established family owned and operated events company born and raised in the Niagara Region. With characters who have their master’s in child behaviors, performers who are trained vocalists and professional dancers we’ll make sure that EVERY child has the perfect time. And parents guess what? We’re punctual, dedicated to the character and will bring musical games, activities, songs and more plus a free gift – such as a princess coronation with a real tiara and a framed certificate signed by your child’s hero. So now you’re the greatest parent EVER! We maintain integrity by giving back to the community through volunteer hours with organizations like Niagara Children’s Center, Niagara Nutrition Partners, Pediatrics at Niagara Health, and more!

One last thing, we aren’t a chain, so we are able to work with families to customize a theme and can accommodate any special needs requirements. — Janina, & the whole Party Perfect Team

So go ahead and call or text me at 289-929-4995 or click below for booking information.

Janina Gordon

Janina Southcott

Born and raised in Niagara, Janina studied Culinary Arts at George Brown and Food and Beverage Management at Conestoga.

For 10 years she has owned and operated a daycare business, where her love of creative arts and event planning could fully be explored. During this period, her desire to bring the community closer together led to the development of bridging programs between her daycare and a local seniors home, affording her a wealth of experience working with kids and developing age appropriate programs.

For the past three years Janina has been a regular face at local children’s events and charity functions dressed as Snow White and the Tooth Fairy.

A mom to two teenagers, Janina tries to keep up through her passion for long distance running.


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