About Party Perfect

Party Perfect Events was a long time dream of a busy mom with a love for children and an understanding of the sheer insanity of party planning. Perhaps you know what we’re talking about, does this at all sound familiar?

First you ogle all of the beautifully perfect parties on Pinterest created by wonder moms. Then, having never picked up a glue gun in your life, you proceed to give yourself a crash course in ‘creative party arts’ only to discover that after buying hundreds of dollars of craft supplies you remember why you failed art at school.

The next step is the food, and the cake, and the invites, and the loot bags, and collecting rsvp’s, and hoping that everyone will actually come!

On the day of, you frantically clean the house from top to bottom on the off chance that little Suzie’s mom will step in the door at drop off and, heaven forbid, happen to see that even though you’ve spent a week creating a Pinterest(ish) worthy party, you’ve also kind of neglected Mount Saint Laundry towering in the corner.

The munchkins arrive and you now switch into party host mode. If you’ve never actually done this before you might not realize that training as a blind air traffic controller is less stressful, and at least you’d have some hope of controlling the chaos that will be your home for the next two hours. Also, extra points for bravery if you have any white walls, furniture, or rugs.

Do we even need to discuss clean up? It will look like a circus barfed in your home. But hey, we’re moms, and we will die trying to create anything that will bring that beaming, heart melting smile from your little one.

We actually really love the kids and want them to enjoy every minute in our space. We know it’s hard to be a mom, so we want you to enjoy just watching your kids have fun! One last thing, we aren’t a chain, so we are able to work with parents to customize a theme and can accommodate any special needs requirements.


5 stars

Amanda A

Hands down the best place to have a princess party! Everything was taken care of and the attention to detail was perfect! Moana is fantastic too 🙂

5 stars

Tracy C

Very clean, kid friendly and fun place! All of the children were having a really good time interacting with Spiderman and making a craft (spiderweb). Thank you Glitter and Grit!

5 stars

Meg C

My kids wont stop talking about meeting their favourite characters <3

5 stars

Tammy C

Such a fabulous fulfilled exciting place, where the magic happens. You never know just what creative things they have in store. The atmosphere is warm and inviting and the staff are professional and very kid friendly. A place to create wonderful lasting memories for your children’s special events!!!

5 stars


they literally do everything and leave you stress
free. They have their info on [Facebook] and u can easily call and talk to them and go see the location and a quote.

Janina Gordon

Janina Southcott

Born and raised in Niagara, Janina studied Culinary Arts at George Brown and Food and Beverage Management at Conestoga.

For the past 10 years she has owned and operated a daycare business, where her love of creative arts and event planning could fully be explored. During this period, her desire to bring the community closer together led to the development of bridging programs between her daycare and a local seniors home, affording her a wealth of experience working with kids and developing age appropriate programs.

For the past three years Janina has been a regular face at local children’s events and charity functions dressed as Snow White and the Tooth Fairy.

A mom to two teenagers, Janina tries to keep up through her passion for long distance running.

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